A small Vue.js app

I’m learning how to use Vue.js (from zero knowledge), and more about JavaScript (from superficial knowledge) through a small project. I am documenting each step, focusing on points I needed to absorb as a beginner.

I’m posting nearly-trivial steps separately, highlighting either a Vue directive I hadn’t previously used, some approach to solve a problem, or just a feature I’m adding that combines things I’d already learned. I know “trivial” can be a loaded word.

For references, I am preferring MDN web docs or official Vue documentation where possible; both these sources are fairly reliable, and also (generally) quite readable. I link to other sources, such as Stack Overflow answers, when they seem to add key insight, such as which of the possible solutions may be the most practical for my use case. The hope is to compile a tidy list of resources sufficient to understand everything done in the post.