Making decent pancakes

Recently my knack for making pancakes seemed to have faded beyond recognition. A few weeks ago I made a batch that turned out depressingly heavy despite the detectability of the baking powder in the flavour (tasting baking powder and baking soda is one of my pet recipe peeves). It's true that I'm used to winging it a bit when it comes to proportions and maybe I've veered far enough off course to warrant an informed correction.

LX7 mouse and xset on Mandriva -- update

Now that I've updated my system to Mandriva 2008.1 (2008 Spring), xset seems to work repeatably on my Logitech LX7 wireless mouse.

My Logitech LX7 mouse needed a reset

Yes, this is your source for current, relevant news. I have a Logitech LX7 cordless mouse, which I use on a Mandriva Linux system. Sometimes I like to spend time trying to figure out which driver is best for it, because it zips around much too fast for me and the K control centre and xset don't do anything to it most of the time. I say most of the time, because I was convinced one change I made to xorg.conf had xset working. But Mandriva "fixes" my xorg.conf for me.

Drupal 6 is out!

I thought I would try installing Drupal 6.0 on a subdomain just for fun, and document how it went, but it went so fast it didn't leave me much to say. What I did:

  • Get the tarball into the subdomain directory and unpack it. In my case that was a wget -c over ssh to my webroot directory.
  • Then create a database. In my case that was through the Dreamhost Web Panel.
  • Point the url to the drupal directory (DH Web Panel).
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